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It's enough to put a smile on your face.

The right kind of mulch does a lot of the work for you.

Whether it's vegetables, flowers, or trees, the benefits of a good hardwood mulch makes a huge difference.

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 Has been doing landscaping for us including annual mulching and bed clean-up for years.

Honest- Great service- reliable. -T. Burns, St Louis, MO


 Mulch tips and benefits-

1) Insulates soil from extremes in precipitation and temperatures.

2) Minimizes unwanted weeds and work.

3) Protect against soil erosion around plants.

4) Mulching helps the soil retain water which means less watering for you.

Tip #1) You can kill unwanted grass and weeds by laying newspaper down before applying a layer of mulch or compost on top. This blocks sunlight and being an organic material, will decompose over time.

Tip#2) Wood mulch comprised of too many very large chunks won't insulate the soil as well.

(Another reason we specialize in double-ground)

No wonder mulching is of the most beneficial gardening and landscaping practices known.


Why choose us for St Louis mulch delivery?

We specialize in double-ground hardwood mulch, and carry additional varieties to suit your preferences.

We're reasonable, dependable, and professional.

Our premium mulch retains moisture, and does an excellent job of preventing weed growth. It feeds and enriches the soil without encouraging disease and bugs. 

What it's NOT . . .

Nothing straight from the saw mill. 

Not a product pawned off as natural mulch.

No tree trimmer waste which too often comes from trees taken down because of disease.

5 things to look for in a mulch service  (and what we're known for . . .)

  • Good value and reasonable prices.
  • Fast friendly service.
  • Clean up- We leave the job site in good order.
  • Great mulch- Specializing in double-ground hardwood mulch. We carry all including compost.
  • Experience- Satisfying St Louis mulch delivery and landscaping customers since 1993.

Erich, I'm very satisfied with the job you and your crew did in mulching our yard today. The amount of material you spread, and the care you took to place it around our plantings was tremendous. I can assure you that you will now have another repeat customer!    Sincerely, Greg Riss, Webster Groves, Missouri

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The rumor is still true in 2016. Our mulch delivery is loved

by all kinds of plants and people.

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This customer prefers his landscaping mulch in bulk.


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